B&W Copies

Clean Black Print on Crisp White Paper


High quality digital copies from 1-10000 on several types of paper stock

  • 60lb Paper

  • 70lb Paper

  • 100lb Glossy Paper

  • 12pt Glossy Cardstock

  • 14pt Uncoated Cardstock

In order to qualify as a Digital B&W or Color Copy, all files must be formatted to the proper size and must not contain any bleeds, folds, holes, or binding. If your file has been designed to bleed, it will be printed "Fit to Page" and have a border around the edges. 


PLEASE NOTE: If your file has multiple pages, make sure you adjust your quantities appropriately. ​Please use the formula below.


Single sided documents (K/0 )

# of pages in file X # of copies  Quantities Needed

EXAMPLE: 16 pages   5 copies   =  80 quantity needed

Enter 80 in the Quantities Needed Field


Double sided documents (K/K)

# of pages in file / 2 sides X # of copies  quantities

EXAMPLE: ( 16 pages  /   2 sides )  X  copies   = 40 quantity needed

Enter 40 in the Quantities Needed Field


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